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Gas Turbine Meters

Our company supplies a large range of gas turbine meters that can be used in a wide range of applications. Our product portfolio includes a wide array of gas turbine meters which are mainly used in factories, oil rigs and production systems for all types of applications. We are happy to provide our customers with the latest gas turbine meters along with worldwide fast shipping. Feel free to contact us via the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Gas turbine meter

Volume calculation

Gas turbine meters our company supplies are largely used for calculating volume output of the gas used. Gas turbine meters  are one of the most reliable gas meters. They are made of aluminium which adds extra strength when receiving large volumes of gas flow. The volume is displayed on an electronic or mechanical index. The latest gas turbine meters we provide combine ease of use and precision. Gas turbine meters are available in many versions of flow, diameters and pressure.

Low Maintenance

Gas turbine meters

Gas turbine meters respond to a large number requirements in the field of industrial measurement. Our gas turbine meters operate on measuring rotation. The rotation of the gas turbine wheel is identical to the volume of the flow. Gas turbine meter bearings are lubricated which ensures maintenance-free operations for a larger period of time.

Thanks to their proven measuring principle and the quality of the materials used, the gas turbine meters are one of the most reliable instrument used in operations.


Gas turbine meters

Gas meters allow precise control of the flow gaseous and thus optimise energy needs. All modern type of gas meter is equipped with an electronic totaliser. They make it possible to to record the total volume, the display of the flow, desired volume at the specified day. This allows the user to check the gas flow at any time.

Easy mounting

Gas turbine meters

Gas turbine meters can be easily mounted on a pipe. A filter is provided with meters which protects the turbine from dust and outside material. The mounting position can be decided by the user and the gas flow is marked on the top of the gas turbine meter for correct placement.