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CAMERON NUFLO Liquid Turbine Meters

The NUFLO turbine flow meter shows the flow rate and evaluates the liquid line’s full flow rate. When the fluid passes through the meter and through the rotor, the rotor moves at speed equal to the flux rate.

CAMERON NUFLO Liquid Turbine Meter Specifications

When moving and producing an electrical (sine) message, the magnetic pick-up sensors the rotor propellers. These pulses are then forwarded to the flow measurement reading device. Cameron has two meter grades to satisfy various linearity requirements. An affordable option is to have a standard grade meter for applications that require 1% or less accuracy. For greater precision, an agricultural grade meter can be used. More accuracy can be achieved if the expected flow spectrum is shown. The dimensions of the flow meter should be selected based on the current flow rate of the row on which the meter was mounted and the pressure drop. Never measure meter quality against the installations nominal pipe volume.

For selection of the meter length, see the linear spectrum diagram and curve diagram of the pressure drop. However, by overwriting the meter over long periods of time, unnecessary stress and pressure will be reduced and the meter’s life will be reduced. For short phases without damage, NUFLO flow meters could be overridden by 10%. For turbine flow meters with flanged lower links, both RF and Ring-Typ Joint Designs (RTJ) are accessible. Flanged NUFLO meters are made of stainless steel flanges made of coal or slip-on steel. The flange flanges are welded to the outside of the meter so that the flange is never alive using the fluid technique. For typical flanged meters, the EZ-IN flow meter sequence is an affordable solution. Precise, solid design and maintenance-free operation are standard NUFLO flow meters.